Free Photoshop Stuff

To celebrate the launch of our brand-new Adobe Photoshop training courses we’ve got a whole load of free Photoshop resources for you to download.

Photoshop is the natural home for digital artists nowadays. It’s even become the next step photographers use before publishing their images. The idea of uploading or printing pictures that are SOOC (straight out of camera) is becoming quite unknown, therefore, we’ve created a handful of free Photoshop goodies for you to enhance your artwork with.

In addition to all the free downloads we also have 3 newly designed Photoshop courses covered in our iPhotography PS training suite.

The beauty with Photoshop is that you never stop learning new tricks. Whether you’re a complete beginner, a casual editor or a more advanced artist then we have the perfect add-ons to your Photoshop education. 

Watch the Course Preview Here

But you want your free stuff first, of course, who wouldn’t?! Well, here it is…

5 Super Shapes

Custom shapes are brilliant (and scalable) 2D presets that can quickly add flourishes to your designs without having to manually draw them or edit them from photographs.

Here are 5 free Photoshop custom shapes for you to embellish your editing with. Simply download the (.CSH) file below and install via EDIT > PRESET > PRESET MANAGER in Photoshop – it’s the same for custom brushes too!

free Photoshop download button
free Photoshop custom shapes

5 Brilliant Brushes

Think of a Photoshop brush just like a normal paintbrush to draw lines and shapes in any colour on your picture but the stroke pattern can be totally customised.

Moreover, you can resize it, change the rigidity, increase the spread and other effects. Primarily they are perfect for adding special effects to your artwork like clouds, trees, smoke and stars.

You want some?

free Photoshop download button
free Photoshop brushes

5 Amazing Actions

Save yourself a bunch of time by pressing play and letting Photoshop do the work with our 5 spectacular actions. Try out either:

Make something bright, bold and breath-taking with any photograph!

free Photoshop download button
iPhotography actions mock images

5 Top Tutorials

Now you’ve got some freebies off us how about putting them to good use and trying out our free Photoshop tutorials?

iPhotography Photoshop Tutorial Images

Join iPhotography PS Today

Excited by all these free Photoshop goodies we’ve been giving you? Then how about concentrating all this artistic passion into a phenomenal online course?

Find out all the top tips, tricks and secrets of Photoshop editing spread across 36 incredible modules from simple Masking Masterclasses right through to creating detailed Vector Art Portraits.

Dissolving Effects

Subject Removals

Creating Concepts

Designing Effects

Free BONUS Tutorial 

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If you’ve heard enough and just want to get started, then smash the button below to join today and start your digital adventure to become a Photoshop master.

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iphotography training online course learn more



iphotography training online course learn more



Learn the iPhotography™ Way

Learn the iPhotography™ Way