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10 FUN Lessons for Beginners

Don’t spend hours scrolling through the internet looking for photography tutorials. We’ve got everything you need right here in our list of 10 free photography tutorials totally made for beginners. 

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1. How to Use In-Camera Filters

This is a great free photography tutorial if you’ve got a recent DSLR or Mirrorless camera. Since most digital cameras come loaded with fun effects, pictures styles, creative filters that most of us never use. But how good are they?

We tested out 6 different in-camera filters and effects to see if they were good photography aids or just a bunch of gimmicks. 

Which is your favourite – 1,2,3,4,5 or 6? Get in touch and let us know. Send us your versions too. Tag us @iphotographyco on Instagram.

2. How to Freelense (Safely)

One of our more divisive free photography tutorials, but hey you gotta rock the boat sometimes! Would you be brave enough to try freelensing? 

Watch as we show you the two ways (safe and dangerous) to shoot photos when your lens and camera aren’t even attached.

This one is only for the brave photographer! You need to check out the results that we caught when trying free lensing in this photography tutorial video.

3. Fractal Photography Tips

It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for a while in our free YouTube photography tutorials, and finally, we got the chance. Recently we opened our eyes to fractal photography and the abstract effects that can be made by just using some cheap props.

We’ve got lots more creative ideas like this tutorial in our Light Tricks photography class.

Follow along with us as we try out 3 different budget-friendly props and let us know which one your favourite was?

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Join the iPhotography course

4. How to Do Green Screen Photography

Probably one of our most popular free photography tutorials is all about green screen (or chroma key if you’ve worked in the video world).

By using a simple plain background transform any photo you take to absolutely ANYTHING you want!

Find out how to composite a new background into your shots with these simple steps for beginner photographers.

5. Three Home Photography Projects for Kids

We all get that mad panic of not knowing what to do with the kids and grandkids during their vacation and school holiday times. We thought the same and came up with these fun photography tutorials they can help out with.

These free tutorials are all inspired by our iPhotography Home Projects online photography class which you can find more about here.

Warning about this video – It could get a little messy, but it’s worth it!

6. What is High Key and Low Key?

Never again will you make the mistake of saying high key when you mean low! Too many new photographers get low key lighting mixed up with high key.

We made a simple little video to explain how to get your photography lighting styles in the perfect key. If you want to read more about low key, you can in this fantastic tip guide.

With simple to follow mnemonics which designed this photography tutorial to make it clear how to remember these techniques and what’s so special about them.

7. Astrophotography for Beginners

Do you enjoy looking at the stars and thinking ‘if only I could capture it all in a photo?’.

You’re not alone, astrophotography is a growing part of photography so we put our heads together to bring you this free photography tutorial for beginners. 

Find out everything you need to get started on astrophotography from our experienced photography professional instructor Emily Lowrey.

8. Seven Bird Photography Tips

Bird photography is something that we can all get interested in with the right training and instructor.

Professional wildlife photographer Rachel Sinclair has brought you all her knowledge and experience about bird photography in this fantastic video tutorial. 

If you do love photographing animals and wildlife then check out our online wildlife photography class for more.

9. Light Trails for Beginners

We sat for a while and let the sun go down before filming this photography tutorial as we wanted the lighting to be just right. Photography light trails take a little bit of skill and persistence.

Join us as we took our cameras out for a night walk and tried to capture light trails from the busy streets in central London.

We’ve got lots more creative projects like this tutorial in our Light Tricks photography class.

10. Graduation Photography for Beginners

Our friend Nicola got in touch with iPhotography and asked us to take some Graduation shots. She never got the traditional ceremony she expected due to the pandemic. 

If you find yourself enjoying photographing people for birthdays, graduations and engagements then check out what our online portrait photography class can offer you.

This photography tutorial is only part 1 of our graduation photography tips with a more traditional approach. But make sure you also check out part 2 on our YouTube for a more graduation creative photography tutorial.

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iphotography training online course learn more