Student Showcase: Fred West

Hello Everyone!

Allow me to introduce myself…

I am Fred West, an iPhotography Course student, and I live in England.

This is the first course I’ve taken with iPhotography and found it very helpful in getting to know my camera.

I have also learnt my way around Adobe Photoshop to improve the images I put into the student gallery.

I’ve just recently come back from a week in Northumberland and have added some of the photos I have taken to the gallery.

About Fred

lighthouse on rocky outcrop waves water sea sky

I have colour and word dyslexia, but because you can go at your own speed on iPhotography, it’s a great course to be on.

When using both Lightroom and Photoshop I have to be very careful in which parts I edit, as it can be very perplexing to be told that the sky is pink instead of blue!

I wanted to take this opportunity to explain my life with a camera a little bit – then you can see what I have to work with on a daily basis.

See Through Fred’s Eyes

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Move the slider to see how blue’s may appear to Fred.

Imagine having a blue sky on a white or clear background. I can see that it’s blue in this instance, but if the blue is on a dark grey (cloudy) background, then I see the blue as purple.

Furthermore, if I see yellow on a dark background, then it appears to me as green. Same with reds, when they’re on a black background, I can’t see them at all!

I remember one of my lecturers at college spending 1.5 hours writing everything for the afternoon session in red on a blackboard… then said copy what you see!

I just sat there, when I told him about my colour imbalance…well, I cannot repeat the words that were thrown around!

Never Give Up

The other problem is that I have no short-term memory, so when I start a course module, I have to make sure that I could finish it in one sitting. The reason I bring this up is to say this:

‘No matter who you are, you can go forward and learn and take photos, explaining what your direction is and where you think you are going to go.’

After having a Canon DSLR for three years I decided to purchase a new one, which is much more complicated than the first.

I have had it for 9 months and still cannot set it up, but I will learn over time I’m sure.

I recently tried my hand at Astrophotography with my Canon EOS800 and got eight black screens.

But will keep on trying until I get the stars in their environment.

I don’t see this as a setback, more an opportunity to improve.

Fred’s Final Thought

astrophotography moon sky blue yellow photography

‘Do what you are capable of doing but upload it to the student gallery so we can all learn to go forward as one group of people from around the world.’

moon old boat girl running rushing water

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