Composition Tips for Travelling

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Here at iPhotography we’re suckers for adventure. From developing innovative concepts to exploring uncharted terrain, we just love jetting off! Our team of tutors can’t get enough of the exciting photography composition opportunities that welcome us abroad. Most recently, iPhotography tutor Rebecca took to the skies once more and trekked along the Great Wall of China.

Flip Card Fanatics

While on a hike along the Great Wall of China with friends, I took my iPhotography Flip Cards for a handy composition reminder along the way. Though I was packing for all weather conditions, I didn’t need to worry about my weatherproof Flip Cards, which I wore around my neck. Given the vast, incredible views and absolutely fantastic sights we were about to see, obtaining the perfect composition was vital!  However, it soon became clear to me that my fellow hikers were missing out on some incredible photographic opportunities all because they lacked a few simple, yet highly effective tips in their photography set up.

composition tips olympus pen f dslr mirrorless
Join the iPhotography course
Join the iPhotography course
composition tips olympus pen f dslr mirrorless
photography tips hiking mountains
Great wall of china beijing
autumn wonder of the world

Composition Challenges

One of my friends in particular, Anna, was very keen to capture this marvellous wonder of the world through her iPhone. Being an iPhotography Tutor, naturally she came to me for advice and guidance for ways to quickly improve her photos on the trip – here’s where my Flip Cards proved a huge asset! Every day I would help her master a new composition idea provided by the iPhotography Flip Cards, then we composed our shots together.

Here are some results from our trekking below:

Rule of Thirds

how to use rule of thirds in your composition

Negative Space

composition hint negative space walk the great wall

Leading Lines

leading lines in nature along a wall down the stairs


patterns in composition gold and bronze chinese culture

Foreground Details

chinese writing vandalism archaic natural

Balancing Elements

fun no climbing wall rock skate parkour

Frame within a Frame

composition rule frame within in a frame
iPhotography tutor mentor one to one training 1-1 photographer


I thoroughly enjoyed having a goal each day while hiking along the Great Wall. The iPhotography Flip Cards made me see things in a different way, and it has definitely improved my photographs – I actually can’t believe I took them! No image can do the Great Wall justice, but, as a beginner photographer, I can say for certain that this beautiful sight has been captured to my very best ability with the help of these cards.

Join the Flip Card Journey

Do you fancy learning some composition tips (and much more) as you travel around the world? Follow the link below to discover how iPhotography Flip Cards can dramatically improve your photography in a matter of seconds.

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