Top 10 Community Features of iPhotography

If you’ve just joined iPhotography, then it’s the perfect time to be counting down our Top 10 community features. This will help you to make the most of your new course membership meaning you’ll get the fullest experience of what we can offer.

10. Media Library

The iPhotography video library is an index to many of our popular tutorials.

If you’re not a YouTube subscriber then you can still watch our content through the iPhotography website.

We’ll put our live stream videos here too so if you don’t use social media you won’t miss out.

You can find it here 

+Tip iPhotography+ subscribers can access a separate private video library with exclusive content here.

iphotography community features video library
Join the iPhotography course
Join the iPhotography course

9. Become an Affiliate

If you have a group of photography friends or just know a few folks who love taking pictures then get some rewards for recommending iPhotography. This community feature gives you the chance to get paid a commission every time someone signs up to our courses. 

If you have a large social media following or photography website this is an ideal way to earn some extra income. If you are part of a larger company who would like to partner with iPhotography please contact us.

You can find it here 

iphotography community features affiliate partnership program

8. Test History

While learning through our course modules you may want to know which questions you got incorrect during our end of module tests. Hopefully, you won’t get any wrong, but it can happen.

Either way, use the link below when you’re logged in, choose the relevant course and using the clipboard icon the relevant module test you want to review.

You can find it here 

Tip – If you fail a test over 10 times in a row you’ll need to contact the support team to reset your data.

iphotography community features module test history

7. Articles

Our weekly photography articles are one of our proudest community features – why? Because they’re all ours (and yours) original work. Unlike other photography online training sites and photoblog pages, we don’t copy and paste other people’s material or jump on the back of a hot trend. 

Instead, we write and create photography articles that are important to the iPhotography community. Whether it’s our tutors or students (yes you can write for us) contributing we’ve got weekly blogs and tutorials to get you through the year. 

If there’s a photography topic you think we’re missing then let us know – we may have it in the pipeline!

You can find it here 

6. Pixlr

Want to learn to edit photos but don’t want to pay for extra software? That’s cool, we’ve got your back. Let us introduce you to Pixlr – our online, free to use, photo editor. It’s built right into the iPhotography website.

Pixlr is a cool community feature that’ll let you upload your photos, change colours, edit backgrounds, crop and tonnes of other things without paying a penny or using up your hard drive space.

You can find it here

iphotography community features pixlr editor

5. #WeekendChallenge

Our #WeekendChallenge is the heart of our community competitions. Every Friday we post a theme, word, phrase or idea for you to unleash your photographic skills on. 

Upload your entry to the iPhotography gallery under the #WeekendChallenge category tag and the tutors judge all entries and announce the winner on a Monday. It’s the jewel in our competition crown with at least 200 entries per weekend – it has even known to go over 500 before! 

Tip If you want to know what it takes to win a #WeekendChallenge or get featured as our #POTD then click here.

4. Shop

We’ve got more than just amazing photography courses for you to enjoy – we’ve got a whole shop filled with brilliant accessories!

Whether it’s our hugely popular iPhotography Flip Cards, Challenge Boxes or Light Tents then we’ve got them all available for you to enjoy and help improve your photography.

You can find it here

+Tip iPhotography+ subscribers get exclusive access to partner discounts off a range of photography suppliers.

iphotography community features shop products

3. Download Library

Now into the top three of our countdown of community features, we’ve got the download library.

A free resource to all iPhotography students filled with infographics, PDF guides, e-books, Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets.

You can find it here

+Tip – iPhotography+ subscribers have a special download library of their own called the KitBag with more special content updated every month.

download library community features

2. iPhotography+

We’ve mentioned it a few times now so it’s only fair you find out a little more about our exclusive membership program – iPhotography+.

iPhotography+ isn’t like our training courses it’s a community of aspiring photographers looking for further insights and help in their shots. The premium membership offers more daily uploads to the gallery, regular feedback, SkillTrack training videos, video critiques and lots more features.

If you’re serious about photography and want to take it to the next level then you should consider an iPhotography+ membership to go alongside your training course.

Find out more about iPhotography+ here

iPhotography+ iPhotography Plus community features

1. Feedback Gallery

If you’ve just joined iPhotography then this should be your first port of call, after starting the course that is! 

Our gallery is a photographer’s paradise. Packed with fresh photos every single day, over 3000 per month at some points in the year. Upload your images as you start your photography training and continue to do so as you progress. It’s a brilliant way to look back on your work and see how much you’ve grown.

+Tip – iPhotography+ students are allowed up to 12 per day.

Tell us about your photo, how you created it, what inspired your creation and more. It’s beneficial to everyone if you can comment on other student pictures too. Tell them what you like, how it makes you feel. 

It doesn’t have to be a full critique, but if you want a little guidance on how to give feedback click here. 

The iPhotography tutors and other students may drop in and leave feedback on your photos at times. The more feedback you leave others, the more likely they are to give it back. 

We’ll help you where possible and praise when appropriate and with thousands of students in our community, you’ll see why it’s a helpful feature to your photography.


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