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Brexit Photography: The 5 Alarming Changes

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit – It’s all over the news in the UK (and we’re sure elsewhere in the world too). But absolutely no one is talking about Brexit photography and the monumental changes it will have photographers.

This issue has been referred to ‘Brexit Photography’ in the corridors of power in Westminster and London’s Houses of Parliament.

If you’re a UK based photographer, then please look out for these 5 warnings about Brexit photography that may affect your ability to take a picture after the looming deadline.

1. The UK Will Disappear from Maps

The government are hiding a secret that the geo-tagging feature of your camera, which saves information about where your shots are taken, will not work after Brexit.

If the UK ceases to be a part of the European Union, then many EU based camera manufacturers will not have to include the UK as part of their geographical mapping. This means that any photos taken in the UK will not appear on Google Earth maps.

2. Memory Cards to soar to £500

Unnamed economists have discovered that if the UK decided to leave the EU then many memory cards will be too expensive to import. This will force photographers to rely on current cards or revert back to working on 35mm.

The current cheap prices of memory cards are expected to see an increase of over 500% in its current market. A normal 32GB SD card could rise from £10 to £500!

3. ISO Will No Longer Exist

It is also reported in some local UK newspapers that the term ISO will no longer be allowed to be used in publication in the UK after Brexit. ISO stands for International Standards Organisation which is a body of national organisations who standardise things for international places.

Because of Brexit photography, when the UK formally separates from the EU it will have to reapply for a special license to still call ISO, ISO. Previously the EU have paid for this license as part of the UK’s membership. It is thought that the fee is somewhere in the region of £500M.

Since this is a fee that the government are unlikely to be able to afford after Brexit then it will need to come up with a new phrase to replace ISO.

The current favourites are OSI, SIO and ISO 2.0. You can vote for your favourite here.

4. UK Photographers Pay to Take Photos in EU

If this impact of Brexit photography isn’t enough then recently a leaked document found on a red London double decker bus makes the outlook worse. It was thought to be left there by a disgruntled civil servant.

The document outlines a study by European workers who suggest that people who voted to leave the EU will be forced to pay a ‘photo tax’ when they visit an EU country.

Landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Brandenburg Gate could potentially cost UK photographers £10-£15 to snap. This will be a huge strain on professional travel photographers as they may need to rely on stock websites or use extremely long telephoto lens and hide behind some bins to capture that all-important shot.

5. Camera Menus Change Languages

One of the biggest blunders that can befall Brexit photographers is the changes in ‘設定の変更’ . This means, when translated from Japanese to English, ‘Changes to the Settings’.

This was the title of another official leaked document emailed to us at iPhotography from a disillusioned low-level Japanese assembly line worker at Canon.

The Japanese camera manufacturer, alongside Nikon, Fujifilm, Minolta, Panasonic and Sony have been in lengthy discussions about the extra cost exporting cameras to the UK.

Because it sees larger markets outside of the UK it may decide not to include English as one of its default languages on their camera menus. This is one of the harshest impacts of Brexit photography.

It could leave UK photographers may need to take Japanese lessons or pay for a translator to assist them whenever they take a photograph.

But There’s Good News to Brexit Photography!

There is a bit of good news though regarding Brexit and photography. There is already a pre-agreed trade deal in place to ensure that foreign suppliers will send an extra 4 million camera lens styled travel mugs to the UK in time for Christmas.

Giving confidence to friends and families of photographers who don’t have to think too hard over a photography-related gift.

Are You Worried About Brexit Photography?

There we have it, it may seem like a scary list to publish but it’s vital that these points are discussed as they haven’t been raised in the House of Commons yet.

Fingers crossed Parliament manages to untangle the Brexit photography mess so that photographers can carry on snapping without legal implications.

If you want to know about the full list of Brexit photography implications click here.


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