4 Photography Inventions

In a world where new cameras seem to be announced every month there are still a raft of photography inventions that still elude our kit bag. I’ve got a list of 4 photography inventions that I’d love to see – sooner rather than later.

1. Built in Lens Filters

Why haven’t built in lens filters been a photography invention that someone has made already? Landscape photographers in particular would love to have seen this rolled out universally.

Built in lens filters would make photography so much easier. Imagine a photography invention where we all had instant access to ND, graduated, split or other colour filters within the camera and not have to screw them on the lens?

Think of how easy this photography invention would make selecting a setting to apply a 2 or 4-stop grad filter when taking landscapes. It could even help out when changing white balance with a yellow filter in winter.

It would save so much time and money in accessories. But I guess that’s where the problem is. As useful as it would be, it would probably bankrupt a lot of filter manufacturers and make lenses much more expensive for photographers.

Photography Inventions by iPhotography.com

2. 3D Converting Printers

We already have 35mm film scanners which instantly inverts a processed film cell. Therefore, why aren’t 3D converting printers a photography invention already?

3D printers currently rely on a 3D scan of a subject being taken first. But wouldn’t it be great to see a photography invention that converts a scan and reads either as a flat digital file or print?

Imagine if it could then convert the data, it to a 3D composition. This could basically create a 3D rendering of your photo.

Wedding and portrait photographers would have field day. Think about all the happy clients who’d love a 3D render of their wedding day.

It would be amazing for creating multi-dimensional landscapes too, where you put an actual diorama of your favourite view on your shelf. This photography invention I would love to see opens up a whole new market of products!

3. Full Frame Sensor in Smartphones

You’ll either fully agree with me that full frame sensors in smartphones are a good photography invention or you’ll stop reading!

But why would a full frame sensor combined into a smartphone be a bad thing? Digital cameras have gotten small and smaller over the years proving photographers don’t want to carry large kit bags.

The whole reason mirrorless cameras became so popular is that they were faster, lighter and gave a comparative image quality to DSLR cameras.

As a photographer I’d rather travel light and have everything within one unit. This makes me think a full frame smartphone would be a brilliant photography invention – I’d buy one for sure.

It’ll stop the argument some folk saying ‘well you can’t print pictures big from your phone’ won’t it? Granted there will still be a need a for a quality lens in front of the sensor, but if some clever engineer is reading this, get a move on with this photography invention.

Full Frame Camera Sensor by iPhotography.com

4. Better Battery Life

I’ve saved this one until last as it’s my biggest gripe and biggest wish to become a real-life photography invention.

Firstly, I’m not talking about the top end DSLRs which can shoot over 4000 frames on one charge. Instead, I’m focussing on the consumer market for amateurs and semi-pro photographers.

Why do digital camera batteries rarely last more than 400-500 shots before dying?

Secondly, you may think ‘Who’s going to take more than 500 shots in one day anyway?’. This goes back to my earlier point about carrying less equipment and a longer battery life would help with that.

Even camera batteries can double the current average life span that would be fantastic. It will mean less stress worrying if the battery will last the day. Why can’t some clever clogs create a lens which is covered in solar panels to power the camera when your outdoors?

Photography Inventions by iPhotography.com

What Are the Best Photography Inventions?

Those are my 4 top photography inventions I’d like to see. But there are countless more no doubt I’ve overlooked. This is where you come in.

Get in touch and tell me what photography inventions you need in your life. What would make your workflow better, quicker, easier or more fun? They may be pipe dreams or hacks you’ve actually made come true.

Get in touch with me on social media. Drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with your photography inventions and we’ll share the best ones out.

Be as crazy and creative as you like, you never know who’s reading. Just make sure you patent it first or we’re splitting the profits!


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