The 30 Day Photographer

Imagine learning some of the basic concepts of photography in under 30 minutes. Impossible? Not with our 30 Day Photographer course.

30 Day Photographer by iPhotography Course

What Will I Get?

Here’s a list of what we cover in this 30 Day video course:

  • Top camera terms you need to know
  • How an aperture works
  • What is shutter speed?
  • What’s an exposure metering mode?
  • ISO, and how does it work?
  • How depth of field works
  • The best focus mode to use
  • Spacing out landscape compositions
  • What’s a leading line?
  • Focal length distortion guide
  • Colour vs B&W
  • What’s the reciprocal rule?
  • How to pose men
  • Posture & balancing tips
  • Family posing shapes
  • The Golden Hour
  • 3:2 v 16:9 – What’s the difference?
  • How to take panning shots
  • How to pose women
  • Improve sharpness in your pictures
  • Cleaning a sensor
  • How to take ghosting photos
  • Packing a camera bag
  • Force perspective
  • Broad, Narrow & Split lighting
  • Rembrandt, Butterfly & Silhouette
  • Difference between RAW & JPG
  • 4 Apps for mobile editing
  • Getting through creative blocks
  • Optimising your images for online

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iphotography training online course learn more



iphotography training online course learn more