The 60 Second Photographer

Imagine learning some of the basic concepts of photography in a FREE online photography course? And it takes less than 30 minutes – Impossible you may say?

Not with the iPhotography 60-Second Photographer course. We have created an amazing series of micro training videos, each less than 60 seconds.

These videos will teach you about the foundations of photography in a quick, friendly, and simple way. Watching one video per day means you learn something new in under a minute.

Take better photos and get to know your digital camera with our FREE 60-Second Photographer course.

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Free Online Photography Course Topics

Here’s a list of what we cover in our 60-Second Photographer course:

• Top camera terms you need to know
• How an aperture works
• What is shutter speed?
• What are the 3 exposure metering modes?
• ISO, and how does it work?
• How depth of field works
• The best focus mode to use
• Spacing out landscape compositions
• What’s a leading line?
• Focal length distortion guide
• Colour vs B&W
• What’s the reciprocal rule?
• How to pose men
• Posture & balancing tips
• Family posing shapes
• The Golden Hour
• 3:2 v 16:9 – What’s the difference?
• How to take panning shots
• How to pose women
• Improve sharpness in your pictures
• Cleaning a sensor
• How to take ghosting photos
• Packing a camera bag
• Force perspective
• Broad, Narrow & Split lighting
• Rembrandt, Butterfly & Silhouette lighting
• Difference between RAW & JPG
• 4 Apps for mobile editing
• Getting through creative blocks
• Optimising your images for online

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How Do I Sign Up to the Free Photography Course?

By creating a free iPhotography account you can join our free course. Click here to get started.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a better understanding of photography. You’ll know how to use your camera and how to capture creative opportunities.


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