3 Amazing Editing Apps

(you need to try!)

We’ve got 3 photo editing apps that you’ve probably never used, but you need to!

This is not for devoted Photoshop or Lightroom users as today we are discussing what’s the best ‘on-the-go’ smartphone editing apps.

We’re going to embrace the culture of ‘iphoneography’ for a while and try them out.

New Ways to be Creative 

To begin with, we’re never going to dismiss the power and importance of industry-standard software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Affinity, CaptureOne, GIMP, Alien Skin, Luminar, ON1 or DxO. But there has to be a discussion about the alternative power and ability to smartphone editing apps.

Of course, we all love to add a filter to our Insta snaps but there are much more advanced apps you may be missing out on that will transform you pictures to something more creative. Perhaps similar to something Photoshop could create without hours of editing.

If you class yourself as a creative photographer, who shoots only on their phone, we’ve got some revelations for you.

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Available For All

We’re overlooking the simple colour filters you find on Instagram and going right to the jugular of cutting-edge photo manipulation with our 3 underrated smartphone editing apps. We’ve made sure they are available on Apple and Android platforms.

Bear in mind though, as with all apps, by the time you read this they may have been removed or superseded – we can’t help that, we’re moving as fast as we can to tell you!

So, before they get outdated let’s share our 3 favourite smartphone editing apps available to right now.

Oh, by the way…

  • All the info was correct at time of writing ✅
  • They’re (currently) FREE to download ✅
  • We aren’t being sponsored to talk about them. We just love using them ✅


Prisma has been around since 2016, which in the lifetimes of apps means it must be doing something right, or different and in our opinion, it really is.

It surpasses the idea of simply adding a coloured filter over the top of a picture. It uses neural networks and AI to apply specific styles of art movements.

You can make your pictures look a Picasso, Edvard Munch or even Dali – there’s over 300 effects to try.

Some effects work better than others and it’s really addictive when you find a favourite style.

Mirror Lab

Mirror Lab takes an unusual approach to creative manipulations by allowing you to make mirror photos, kaleidoscope images and distort faces and scenery. There are over 50 different filters which can distort your photo using twirl, swirl, ripples, fractals, triangulation (whatever that is) and 3D effects. It is a must for abstract photographers who really want to spice up their social media posts or just design a quirky background for your phone. Each of the effects are customisable as well, so the final result is completely unique.


 If you know how much we love cinemagraphs at iPhotography, you’ll understand why VIMAGE is in our top 3 favourite editing apps.

Voted ‘Best App of 2018’ on Google Play, VIMAGE lets you apply moving effects and elements to your photos, turning them into live pieces of art.

You don’t even need to record a video first, just take your favourite picture and run it through the over 100 built in effects to see what kind of results you can create.

The resulting GIF file that VIMAGE kicks out can be uploaded to all your social media platforms meaning it’s so easy to show it off to all your friends.

App-solutely Amazing!

Download the apps today, try them out and upload them to the iPhotography Gallery so we can see what types of shots work well.

If you’re not already an iPhotography student then you can always tag us in your shots online, but more importantly, why aren’t you a student? You are missing out! Join today!


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