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Stephen Walton

Stephen brings many years of photographic experience with him to his role as content and course creator. After leaving art school he went straight into studio photography working alongside Photo Corp UK, before running one of the UK’s most successful high-end portrait studios with Venture Studios for over a decade. His personal work which stretches from portraits to landscapes, and other niches in between could be described as atmospheric and low key – sounds moody, but he’s not really! He’s previously had work published by Adobe Photoshop on top of many industry awards for his portrait photography.
Website : https://www.iphotography.com/

Articles by : Stephen Walton

How to Use Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile App

Discover TOP features in the Lightroom CC mobile app with this guide for enhancing your photo editing skills. For desktop and tablet too.

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KentFaith Magnetic Lens Filters

Shooting sunsets using amazing 5-in-1 magnetic lens filters from Kentfaith, the 1st choice for photo & video products.

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overhead of a memory card holder opened with 6 memory cards inside

Best Memory Cards for Photography

Popular memory cards for photography – what’s the best SD card for your digital camera? Choose the right capacity and class speed in our guide

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a man sat at a table cleaning the sensor of a digital camera

How to Clean a Camera Sensor

Discover the BEST way on how to clean a camera sensor using swaps, rocket blowers and pencil brushes to give your shots a dust-free finish!

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The Pyramid roofs at the Louvre in Paris. Copyright Adrian Atkins (iPhotography Student)

How to Take Stunning Nighttime Photos

Capture the magic of the night with our beginner’s guide to night photography. Learn tips and techniques for stunning results.

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a Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Photography

Master the art of solar eclipse photography with expert tips on equipment, settings, and precautions for stunning celestial images.

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Christmas themed fireplace photography backdrop by Lofaris backdrops

Best Lofaris Backdrops for Photographers

Elevate your photography with Lofaris Backdrops. Discover a range of various styles and looks. What’s the best backdrop material?

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DxO PhotoLab7 interface with a photo of a flower

How to Use DxO PhotoLab: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlock the full potential of DxO PhotoLab with our comprehensive guide. Learn to edit photos like a pro photographer!

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Guide to the Best Godox Off-Camera Flashes for Photography

The ULTIMATE GUIDE to the best Godox off-camera flashes for professional photography to elevate your shots with quality lighting products.

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Capture One Photo Editor interface with photo of a circular building from low angle

Mastering Capture One Photo Editing

Learn how to master Capture One photo editing with our comprehensive guide. Enhance your photos like a pro!

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