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Rachel Sinclair

From as young as she can remember, animals have been a major part of Rachel’s life. After studying photography for four years and working in a busy high street studio shooting weddings and portraits, Rachel realised her calling was amongst the animals. Since 2007 Rachel has been photographing dogs on location and wild animals all over the world. Having spent copious hours on Kenya’s savannahs capturing wildlife at its rawest. She is the lead instructor in our wonderful Wildlife Photography course. Rachel loves helping her students create stunning images of wild animals that are worth sharing, as she feels each and every one of us can make a real difference in conservation
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Articles by : Rachel Sinclair

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Use these 10 practical tips to improve your bird photography. Discover these professional secrets to use in your garden or in the wild!

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Wildlife Photography Tips

8 Wildlife Photography Tips for Beginners

Check out these essential 8 Wildlife Photography tips for beginners to take better shots of birds, cats, dogs or other animals.

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photographing garden animals by Rachel Sinclair Copyright 2021

How to Photograph Garden Animals

Don’t struggle to get photographs of garden animals and wildlife. Butterflies, insects, birds – We’ve got tips & ideas from spring to winter!

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Cat Photos: 6 ‘Purfect’ Tips for Photographers

With these 6 simple tips take better cat photos straight away with virtually any camera. Camera settings, lighting and behaviour tips included

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How to Photograph Dogs

We’ve got 14 brilliant actionable photography tricks to help you take better dog photos. If you’re a beginner, these will make a difference!

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9 Tip for Taking Amazing Zoo Photos

Get frustrated with metal cages, reflections and crowds? Then check out our 9 top tips to get the best photos at your local zoo.

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7 Bird Hide Photography Tips

Discover these 7 quick tips for bird hide photography by, Rachel Sinclair, pro wildlife photographer and safari specialist

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