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Emily Lowrey

Emily is a professional wedding photographer, astrophotography enthusiast, and accomplished videographer. She is very story-driven in all her work. In her films and photos, she captures the little details and the atmosphere of the moment. She describes her media skills as ‘ninja-like’ and doesn’t like to get in the way. Emily’s aim in her photography career is to capture genuine moments that are real, and raw, and awesome. In her spare time, Emily is an avid travel photographer and loves nothing more than documenting and experiencing new places through her lens. Emily is also our resident videographer and behind the camera for many of our course and tutorial recordings.
Website : https://phpcodechecker.com/

Articles by : Emily Lowrey

Clone Photography Tutorial

Clone photography is a great photography project for beginners or anyone! Learn how to plan, shoot and edit it in Photoshop.

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Landscape Photography Tutorial by iPhotography.com

The Rule Of Thirds in Photography

The rule of thirds is probably the first “rule” a new photographer will come across. So what is the rule & how do we use it?

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Night Sky Photography Tutorial by iPhotography.com

Astrophotography for Beginners

Astrophotography can be so much fun for new photographers. Explore the best locations, equipment and set up with our amazing beginner’s tips to get started!

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Compositional Rules for Photographers by iPhotography.com

Cropping Your Photographs: Mistakes To Avoid

Cropping your photographs and removing distractions can be the simplest way to level up your photography skills if you’re a beginner. Read more…

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flay lay photography tips by iPhotography.com

Flat Lay Photography Tips

Learn how to shoot and light flat lay photography. What is flat lay photography? Who is it for? And how do you create an effective and stylised image?

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Luminar Desktop Software Screenshot

Luminar for Beginners

Discover the best features and learn how to use Luminar for your own photo editing. Find out how to get started and begin transforming your photographs.

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Lightroom For Beginners: What are HSL Sliders?

Lightroom for beginners ONLINE COURSE. Discover the power of HSL sliders for photographers. Completely transform your photos in one swipe!

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LGBTQ Photography by iPhotography.com

LGBTQ Photography: 4 Iconic Activists & Allies

Discover 4 influential LGBTQ photographers who have shaped a community and changed societal norms through their viewfinder.

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