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Get ready to uncover the power of Astrophotography and take your photos to another universe!

With astrophotography, you’ll never take the same photo twice. In this online course for beginners, we’ll show you exactly how to take amazing night sky photographs without spending big on astrophotography equipment.

Astrophotography will teach you skills no other area of photography will. 

Instead of sitting with your eye to a telescope or watching the stars shoot by, why not use your camera to preseve these magnificent memories?

No matter your experience, we’ll guide you step-by-step over 16 incredible lessons led by iPhotography Instructor Emily Lowrey.

astrophotography course

You don’t need to spend weeks with your head in an astrophotography for beginners book. There’s no iPhone app for astrophotography that will do it all for you either. And unfortunately, many photographers don’t have the time to learn every setting and instrument that’s needed.

If everything you’ve read previously about astrophotography seems complicated, this could put you off forever. If only there was one place you could learn everything you need…

There is Now!

iPhotography is excited to announce a brand new short course to teach you Astrophotography for Beginners

What’s Covered In This Astrophotography Course?

Photographing pets


Discover the basic camera, lenses and accessories you need to get started. Startrackers, tripods and more.

Photographing insects


Course instructor Emily shows you how to set up your camera and pick the best locations using dedicated apps for astrophotography

Photographing local wildlife


Should you shoot single exposures, stacked images, or startracked? We’ll explain them all alongside the standard DSLR settings

Photographing wild animals


Mastering editing is vital to bringing your Astro shots to life. Learn to how to increase sharpness, detail and colour in your night sky

Stephen, iPhotography Composite Course Tutor

Emily Lowrey


Meet Emily, Your Astrophotography Course Instructor!

The Astrophotography course for beginners is designed and presented by iPhotography Tutor Emily Lowrey.

With years of experience shooting planets, stars, the Milky Way and distant galaxies across the world, you’ve got the best tutor to lead you through this course.

Module 1: Intro & Preparation

In Module One, we start with the basics:

– What camera you can use
– The best lens to choose and why
– What the common ‘rules’ of astrophotography are
– How your choice of camera & lens impacts on the 500 Rule

Module 2: Practical Approaches to Astro

In Module Two, we’ll move on to the next step;

– Taking shots on single and stacked exposures
– How to use star trackers and timelapses
– Choosing a foreground & mastering focus

Module 3: Editing Astrophotography

In Module 3 we’ll take a seat at the laptop to review our shots and learn;

– How to process stacked images in editing
– Enhancing star trails to increase exposure & detail
– Effective adjustments for single-exposure photos

astrophotography course
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You can spend a lifetime in frustration, battling with random YouTube videos trying to learn how to get started with astrophotography. Don’t jump around watching unrelated videos and following different teachers. Instead, in around 90 minutes you can have it all broken down, laid out clearly and cleanly and handed to you on a plate by an experienced instructor, with 24/7 lifetime access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course teach me the technical aspects?
Yes! This is exactly what this short course is designed for. We’ll slow walk you through what equipment you’ll need and how to set it up correctly. From choosing the right shutter speed, aperture, ISO, to focus and exposure modes – you’ll learn it all. We don’t do jargon – everything is laid out simply to follow. You won’t need any prior experience or knowledge with astrophotography to start this course. But by the end you’ll be an expert!
Who is this course designed for?

Total beginners! We’ve designed this course to be accessible and simple to follow. Even if you’ve just purchased a DSLR or Mirrorless camera then this is the first place to start. It will help to have software such as Lightroom and Photoshop already installed on your computer or laptop to help with the editing lessons. 

What techniques are covered?

Do you want to know how to stack images for astrophotography? Where to focus? Whether you can use your iPhone for starry night time shots? This astrophotography course for beginners will give you all the guidance to get started and give you practical tips for shooting in the dark.

You’ll learn how to use startrackers, timelapses for incredible milky way videos, and all the DSLR settings on your camera.

How long does the course take?

This course is spread over 16 individual lessons in 3 entertaining modules. It’s been designed to be low-impact and time-saving. These 16 lessons combined should take you around 95 minutes to complete. This time scale is a guideline and doesn’t take into consideration if you are editing your photos alongside the tutorial and need more time to complete the lessons.