August 6, 2019

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Overcoming Creative Blocks and Criticism in Photography

Finding yourself in a creative block can be the biggest killer for a photographer. You can start to resent your camera due to a struggling imagination.

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what type of photographer are you quiz blog feature

QUIZ: What Type of Photographer Are You?

What type of photographer are you? Take our iPhotography quiz to figure out what genre of photography suits your personality – FREE to play!

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4 Tips for Photographing Children

Photographing children can be difficult and often takes more time that you would expect. Be sure that you ask Mum and Dad if they want any particular shots as it can take all day in some cases.

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Negative Space in Photography by

Negative Space in Photography

Use the rule of thirds to create negative and positive space in your photography. This tutorial will teach you negative space photography.

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How to Create ‘Little World’ Photos

Transform your landscapes into little worlds using a bit of Photoshop magic. Follow our step by step guide to create incredible mini-worlds.

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What is Abstract Photography?

To master first you must understand. Dive in to our quick overview of abstract photography to grasp the basics to capture mysterious memories!

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Festival Photography Tips

It’s festival season, so dig out those wellies and grab your raincoat! Here are a few handy festival photography hints for those of you going to any festival this summer.

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